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[Time Killer] Secretnet

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 -


Remember chat rooms? Mofunzone did. Especially the ones that murderers, smugglers, and criminals go to. Can you handle the intrigue?!

Mofunzone hits it out of the park again with “Secretnet” a point-and-click, investigation game. You take the role of a investigative reporter who discovers a secret chat room server that caters to the more left of center of society. If you are looking for action and adventure then ease on down the road, my friend. This game is all about the intrigue and interactions between the server members. In fact its all text based, you never see or interact with any of the characters, save for talking with them. It sounds straight forward and simple (which it is), but there are branching story arcs depending on who you talk to and when. I personally inadvertently ended hiring a hit on a CIA operative my first play through. Pretty bad ass, if I say so myself. “Secretnet” can definitely give some diversion through the day, for the more intrigue/espionage inclined kind of gamer. there are even a few achievements to be earned if you want to delve that deep. Try it “Secretnet” here.

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