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[Time Killer] Reproduce

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, July 18th, 2011 -


It’s like a Simon, but with blocks, no lights, and it’s not round. Okay, it’s more like snake and Simon. Snimon?

“Reproduce” from games121.com is a memory game challenging your ability to remember an ever growing line of block one block at a time. Fortunately for any adventure game vets out there, remembering a seemingly impossible avenue of blocks shouldn’t be too hard. Reproduce is great game for anyone needing to wake up and get their mind back in order. The game has a very simple interface. Just reproduce (hey, that’s the name of the game) the pattern of blocks with the arrow keys. You are timed, however, and you don’t get any restarts or second tries. If you mess up one block or let the time run out,t hen that’s it. You’re done for that round. Thankfully, there is no down time. As soon as you lose a new game starts immediately, and you can try again, but with a different pattern of course. The game also keeps track of your highest number of reproduced squares, and you can submit your highscore to the leaderboard, which, as you can tell, is view-able as soon as the game loads up. thus everyone will see your perfect memory ability!


If you need that mid-day mental pick up, or want to show off your memorial muscles, then head over and play some Reproduce!

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