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[Time Killer] Mechanical Commando: Burning Skies 2

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Friday, July 15th, 2011 -

burning skies 2

Time to take out the interplanetary space trash with your space plane. This time, in SPACE!

Coming from Berserk Studio (a personal favorite of mine) is “Mechanical Commando: Burning Skies 2″. Long name for sure, but sometimes you need a long time to contain all that fun inside!

“Mechanical Commando: Burning Skies 2″ is a top down shoot-em up, where you take control of a space plane pilot going on interplanetary missions to end a war. A war against who? Who cares! They’re not you and your bullets hurt them. In my book that means “Take em all out”! The game works on an experience and upgrade system, where as you level up your piloting skills more special equipment and upgrades become available. Not just for your gun, but also for every part of your ship. Different cockpit and wing types can be used, as well as auxiliary equipment to enhance certain parts of your ship or give you more experience.


There is a carrying capacity for your plane, so don’t load up on too much heavy duty stuff, or you wont fly, baby. The game also allows you to retain any experience gained on a  level even if you die, so even if you fail you can come back swinging even harder. Levels can also be re-played after you finish them in case you didn’t get happen to get the max stars on a level, or just thought it was a fun one. The game also has some medals to get for you achievement hunters out there, so kick the tires and light the fires; Mechanical Commando: Burning Skies 2 is waiting!

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