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[Time Killer] Stealing the Diamond

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 -

stealing the diamond

Let’s face it: You’re broke. BUT you have the ingenuity of Kevin McCallister, and the technological access of Batman. It is time to steal a diamond my friend.

Stealing the Diamond is a kind of “Choose Your Own Adventure” game. You only make selections of what you want to occur, or what available items you want to use, and the game plays it out for you. Unlike most games in this genre (and books for that matter) “Stealing the Diamond” is fun, entertaining, and hilarious! Right from the get go, you have a the choice to be devious and sneaky, or manly and bust right in. Each chose stop usually has about four to six choices, each one having a hilarious end to it, most of the time with a nice “Fail” at the end. Even if you do happen to choose the correct item on the first try, the game has a swell rewind function so you can go back and see all consequences of the items you didn’t choose. Some of these items are are funny in themselves, such as shrink guns, mopeds, and mushrooms. There are three possible endings: The Undetected way, the Aggressive way, and the EPIC way. The first two are awesome, but you definitely have to see the EPIC ending. It’s…uh….epic? Yeah! EPIC!

The game also has a few medals to earn, so click around and find some of the weirder secrets.

If you’re down to steal some cushy diamond goodness, then get your gear together and check out “Stealing the Diamond“!

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