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[Time Killer] 3-D Logic II: Stronghold of Sage

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, June 13th, 2011 -

3d logic

Puzzle in the morning. Puzzle in the evening. When Puzzles on a flash game you can puzzle anytime!

3-D Logic II is a fun puzzle game in which you must connect multiple colored squares without crossing any other connecting lines, all while on a 3 dimensional Rubik’s cube from your nightmares. The game starts out simple enough, but ramps up real quick. A few of the levels will have you wracking your brain for a while as you try to think how to make lines you were never supposed to conceive!

The game has a really nice atmosphere too with a calm forest clearing background, a relaxing song, and a laid back breakdown of the meanings of the colors that appear in the game every so often between levels. A nice mix of relaxation and calm ambiance, no doubt put there to make sure no one throws their computer through a double pane window from frustration!

3-D logic has you coming back for more after every defeat, because no matter how much it loks impossible, you KNOW there is a way! If you think you have the brains to shoot through a puzzle game of mind-crunching brilliance head on over for some 3-D Logic II!

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