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[Time Killer] The I of It

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 -

ItWhat a tragic tale when t leaves it and leaves I all alone.

The “I of it”, from Gameshot, is a artistic puzzle-adventure game where you take control of the “I” in “It” to search for his lost companion “t” when “t” leaves the group. The “I” has the power to increase his height and move, but can only move over obstacles by latching onto higher platforms and falling off them. The game throws some curve balls at you, such as a turning off the gravity, and making you perform timing perfect dodges to get through areas. This is a fun game, but the best part is the music and voice over. If you are old enough to remember the days when your teacher would pull out the projector and show a story narrated by a voice on a tape that described the actions of still frames that were progressed with a “Ding”, then you should feel some nostalgia with this game. The music calming and on obtrusive, while the voice of narration is so laid back and vaguely foreign it comes off as hilarious. Whenever you move to a new area a quick narration comes up, and every time you die and come back the narrator has some quip to say, like “Hit me, Baby”.

I would definitely recommend you play this game as it is pretty fun, and will chill you out for a bit if you’re having a not so great day. You can check “I of it” <— here

And, if anything, the game can kill off any stray Knight of Ni hanging around.

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