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[Time Killer] Tobe’s Hookshot Escape

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Sunday, May 22nd, 2011 -

Tobe Hook

Play this game and you’ll be hooked! Get it?!

A game is skill, reflex, and timing “Tobe’s Hookshot Escape”, from Secret Base, is a game for the platform lover everywhere. You take the roll of Tobe who gets trapped at the bottom of a cave, but luckily finds a hookshot. Good thing too, or this game would go nowhere! The crafty Tobe can use the hookshot to pull himself up to higher and higher platforms to try and collect as much treasure as possible before you die or dominate. The game also offers more serious gamers to try and and get some in game achievements. There are a good number of them to reach, and most have a name that references some classic games from yesteryear such as “Bubble Puzzle”, “Rocket Knight”, and “Raccoon Tail”. There is also a nice personal record area that shows your own personal bests in the game. If you’re more time oriented, though, and just want to play the game, you can still find out your past records with the in game skull that appears at your last point of death, so you can instantly know if your reaching your max potential!

If you’re more on the go the game can also be downloaded on to your Windows Phone 7 for limited time price if $0.99. Not too shabby! So don’t out or else…

tobe fall

This will probably one of the better free games you’ll play this week, so check out “Tobe’s Hookshot Escape“!

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