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[Time Killer] Soviet Rocket Giraffe

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, May 16th, 2011 -


Sometimes the History Channel misses a few of the secret weapons from the Cold War. Finally someone was brave enough to tell the truth…

FACT: Giraffes have long necks. FACT: Giraffes can increase their necks to any length. FACT: Soviets will use this power for communist ends! It’s your job to train this weapon, however. No cold war weapon would work without rigorous testing of course.  Tests include, and are limited to, finding out how far you can stretch the neck, how long you can make a jump last, and how far you can grind on the snowy hills of the motherland. All the things Americans FEAR. The statistical results and scientific data will be boiled down into a a simple “Score” based system so anyone can understand them. (even commies)

If you think you can master the power of a giraffes neck then try! TRY your best with Soviet Rocket Giraffe!

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