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[Time Killer] Nyan Cat FLY!

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, May 9th, 2011 -

nyan cat

Nyan cats hate vegetables but LOVE candy!

Some people in the world have an insatiable sweet-tooth. Nyan Cat puts them all too shame. Nyan Cat follows space tracks to eat the best cakes and candies the galaxy has to offer. Get the candy combo bonus when Nyan Cat eats twelve sweet delights in a row. Watch out, though, because for every light there is a dark. So as it is with candy. Wicked, evil vegetables lurk space waiting to be eaten by unwary Nyan Cats. Eating just one vegetable destroys your entire candy combo, and leaves you unable to eat anything for 3 seconds. Eat three vegetables and its game over!

You can also customize your Nyan Cat to look any specific way you want (color scheme wise) and check out the scoreboards to see how you stack up in the universe.

So let your gluttony prevail for a few minutes and enter the strange, wonderful world of Nyan Cat FLY!

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  1. rmedtx says:

    I played the game for a few minutes it and it’s really funny;. I really like the music.

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