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[Time Killer] Hue Runner

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 -

hue runner

And here you thought you’d never use what you learned in pre-school.

Hue Runner, coming at you from Gameplay King, is an auto-runner game that insists on you knowing the primary colors! The game focuses on the player changing his characters color to match that of the platform he is about to jump onto by using the arrow buttons. Easy at the start, of course, but the game picks up pretty quick. The longer you run the faster your guy goes so your color changing trigger finger better be up to snuff. Secondly, other creatures appear who don’t out right kill you, but do create environmental obstacles that will probably do the job anyway. Lastly, certain platforms have vertical barriers that will block you if you are the same color, so you might have to change color a couple of times mid jump. And by “might” I mean “will“.

If you think you have the dexterity, and color matching prowess of a fashionista then hit up some Hue Runner!

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