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[Time Killer] DN8

Posted under News by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, April 25th, 2011 -


So you didn’t want to shell out for Space Invaders Infinity Gene, but still wanted the experience, huh? Here ya go!

DN8 from GamingYourWay is an intense over head space shooter in the vien of the before mentioned Space Invaders Infinity Gene. With a touch of “Tyrian” and “Upgrade Complete” in the mix. The game starts out with just a simple ship that can only move left or right. As the game goes on, though, you get to follow a path of your choosing that determines how your ship evolves. Each level offers a differnt add-on that will effect your ship in a new way. Choose to power up you front gun or your side weapon. Choose either a drone or defense nodes. The choice is up to you.

The best part is you don’t have to buy upgrades. your ships upgrades the better you are at piloting. If you destoy alot of stuff your destruction level goes up. “Graze” a bunch and your graze level goes up. “Graze” is cool too. You only die if the red dot on your ship it hit. If you let enemy bullets graze you ship without hitting the red spot your graze bar fill. Fill it up and you gain an extra life. Pretty cool in my book. DN8 also has no fire button. You always automatically fire, so the entire game can be played with one hand on your mouse. Perfect for slackers!

If you think you have the slick piloting skills to conquer one of the better top down shooters that’s come out in a while, hit up some DN8!

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