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Atom Zombie Smasher Adds Chooser Mode

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, April 25th, 2011 -


Blendo Games has released a new update for its top-down rescue and bombard game Atom Zombie Smasher, adding the new “Chooser” gamemode to the title. The mode finally allows players the option to select which mercs they want in the lineup each month. No more dealing with the mines, dynamite, and blockade combo if you don’t want ‘em.

The patch can be downloaded automatically for owners of the game on Steam. Full notes follow.

v1.77 changelog

- Gameplay: added “Chooser” gamemode. Select mercenary lineup every month.

- Gameplay: dynamite no longer required for mission start.

- Mods: added FORCE_CHOOSER parameter to force the Chooser gamemode.

- UI: press Enter to end planning phase.

- Fix: fixed Combatant gamemode (was always on).

- Fix: fixed typo in mine_triggertime parameter.

- Fix: fixed “Bookworm” achievement.

- Fix: crash when time values are too large.

- Fix: crash in File Manager.

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