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[Time Killer] Bitshift

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Thursday, April 21st, 2011 -


Ships shooting ships in space? Good ol’ fashioned fun in my book.

I know what you’re thinking. You have not played a decent space based game since Bucky O’Hare. I hear you, my friends. Thankfully, Diseased Productions was aware of this oversight in the gaming community and made BITSHIFT. An old school, side scrolling space shooter.

This games awesome due to its complete simplicity. Story? It killed its own story with space bullets. Weird strategies needed to win? Not unless a gun is a weird strategy. You don’t even get health upgrades. That shit is on lock down! You get what you brought health wise. The only thing that upgrades at all is your gun, and thats all a space man really needs. The enemies even run off Old English War tactics (aka lines). There’s no real guess work. Just fire and have fun.

There is a cool shields feature where upon you block enemy bullets with your short lived shields and you gain a boost to your ”EMP” blash which kills everything on screen. Great at later levels. Which is also cool, since you can pick any level you want to play straight from the beginning, without having to play forever to get to the level you want. Who doesn’t like that!

So get out there and blow up some enemy ships. I mean, they had to have done SOMETHING wrong, right?
BITSHIFT. Check it out.

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