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Pair of Garry’s Mod Updates Released (Update)

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 -


Update: Make that a trio, as they’ve released a new one, new notes below.

Original: Team Garry has released a couple of new updates this past week for their physics sandbox creation game Garry’s Mod, available now for automatic download on Steam. The patches add a ton of new content to the game, including sprites and other assets from Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Age of Chivalry and several other games.

Full notes follow.

April 21st Update

  • Fixed crashing on Mac OSX 10.5
  • Fixed sbox commands not registering
  • Fixed render targets not being created on startup
  • Fixed ragdolls not colliding with rays
  • Fixed some L4D(2) content not spawning
  • Fixed crowbar sounds

April 18th Update

  • Fixed shooting ragdoll crash
  • Fixed Pixel Render not working
  • Fixed missing HL1/EP2 NPC sounds
  • Fixed long unresponsive startups

April 15th Update

  • Added D.I.P.R.I.P content
  • Added Left 4 Dead content
  • Added Left 4 Dead 2 content
  • Added Pirates, Vikings and Knights II content
  • Added Zombie Panic! Source content
  • Added Dystopia content
  • Added Age Of Chivalry content
  • Updated SuperDOF with advanced settings
  • Updated prop spawning effect
  • Model file browser is now sorted alphabetically
  • Sped up startup particle loading
  • Menus now alphabetically order categories/presets
  • Fixed presets showing up twice when adding or removing in the editor
  • Fixed crash when rendering spawnicons
  • Fixed crash when loading models with different anim system (l4d models)
  • Fixed CEnvMicrophone crash
  • Fixed crash when spawning bot
  • Fixed crash on explosion when entity limit near
  • Fixed crash when loading a Toybox save caused by Skybox Camera
  • Fixed render target not resetting to backbuffer if a Lua error occurs
  • Added reload_postprocess
  • Fixed crash when browsing models in filesystem
  • Fixed L4D ragdolls performance when not sleeping
  • Fixed crash exploit using material tool
  • Fixed Antlion Guard crash
  • Fixed being able to colour the world using material tool
  • Netgraph is hidden when using camera tool
  • FPS is hidden when using camera tool
  • Restricted Act command to one every 5 seconds
  • [TTT] Added time remaining display in pre- and post-round phases.
  • [TTT] Added millisecond display to damage log.
  • [TTT] Added ability for spectators to spectate a corpse using ALT+E.
  • [TTT] Added some useful server tags, shown in the server browser.
  • [TTT] Changed version number into a tag as well, eg. “ttt:v25″
  • [TTT] Changed locational voicechat to auto-disable after the round ends.
  • [TTT] Changed Radar blips to fade a bit when aiming near them.
  • [TTT] Fixed C4 being carryable after arming it in a specific way.
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