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God had 7 days: I have 1 Day

Posted under Reviews by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, April 18th, 2011 -

1 day

Can you save a kingdom in a single day?

“I have 1 day” is a point and click style puzzle adventure game from Cellar Door Games via Max Games. The game premise is that you are a man with a curse that becomes unbreakable after one day. You need to find a way to reverse the curse and save the kingdom within a short 24 hour period. Use your guile, reasoning, logic, and time management skills along with whatever items you come across to do this as fast as possible.

“I Have 1 Day” is in the vein of the Kings Quest game, but very watered down. Not that the game itself is in any anyway un-enjoyable! It just doesn’t have the capacity of a full Kings Quest style game, since its a flash game. Even so, the game is packed with as much adventuring and puzzles as you could ask for. The game offers multiple options for completing the same task (some better than others, of course), two endings, multiple death scenarios, and a very streamlined UI.

Technically the game is also pretty sound. The game runs on an “hour” system where each hour and what you did in it is recorded. With this you can go back to a previous hour in case you realized you messed up, or wanted to try something differently. You can even start at the beginning or the end of the hour, depending on your needs. This works out surprisingly well, as some characters will be aware of your time manipulation and not require you do redo certain puzzles or conversations, which is a nice out of game time saver. I personally hate redoing puzzles over and over again, so when a game lets me not go back over treaded ground I appreciate it.  There is also a continue option from the main menu letting you quit the game and come back to it at your leisure, and if you’re stuck you can use the in-game walk-through link in the menu to figure out the more intricate parts. Some puzzles need a little outside the box thinking. ;)

The only real problem I have with the game is that the menu can not be opened during conversations, which I find annoying. These can be easily sped through tough, so it’s not a super big deal.

If you want to have a mini adventure, and exercise your mind for free check out “I Have 1 Day“!

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