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[Time Killer] Kart On

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 -


Feeling the need for some speed today?

BubbleBox.com came out with a little racing game that should let you maximize that break of yours. Of course, that depends on your skeells behind the wheels, my friend!

Kart On is top down racing game that tests your racing abilities against the computer or yourself. The game has 3 game modes: Sunday Cup, Professional Championship, and Time Trial. It also has 6¬†separate¬†tracks, so you don’t get bored with the same track over and over. It’s all together pretty fun. The turning physics work well, so you can’t just pummel through turns. You’re gonna have to let off the gas, or try a drift. Up to you, Speed Racer. The game also has a nice anti-cheating function. It is possible to skip ahead to other parts of the track, but doing so get you teleported to the back of the line, so don’t be a Dick Dastardly. It’s also not shown or mentioned, but if you want to restart a race, press the ESC button.

If you wanna try your hand at the wheel, head on over for some Kart On!

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