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[Time Killer] Collapse It

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, February 14th, 2011 -

boomClear the cityscape AND help with overpopulation? Sounds good to me.

I got your 15 minute break right here!

“Collapse It” by Armor Games is a destroy-everything-on-screen type game, but with a slight twist. Most games like these are mainly about destroying all the buildings, while killing the people in them is more bonus points actions. Collapse It on the other hand is completely about killing those pesky pedestrians clogging the roads. Hell, if you got any issues with people at work, just pretend your “clearing” the corporate ladder. HAHAHAHAHA!!

It’s pretty simple game play wise. Use a variety of  strategically placed explosives to make use of chaos theory and kill everyone on screen. Sounds easy, but you never know how the bricks, rocks, and steel of the city will react to your maniacal machinations. Also the real challenge comes from the fact that you get more points and awards the less explosives you use. Some levels require using only one explosive to beat the level. Sounds, tough but you can do it!

If you feel the need for city wide destruction on a minor scale, head on over to Armor Games here!

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