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[Time Killer] Lightspeeder

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 -


Oh yeah, it’s time to waste some time. And to kill it as fast as possible.

Coming out of Ayogo games is a perfect little gem of a high speed, high stakes racing game. With only three controls of left, right, and jump you’re definitely not going to be doing any hard thinking or strategical thinking.

Ok, yeah. It’s basically just Tron bikes. So what? Tron bikes is a fun game. Lightspeed is a fun game. AND Lightspeed has up to 4 bikes instead of just a measly two. It also has a two player mode, so you and Mike across the hall can place a bet or two on your 15 minutes of work release. The game also has two modes: Tournament and Quickplay. Both are fun, but for your Timekilling needs I would suggest the Quickplay. I got about 10 games in in less than 5 minutes, JUST the kind of action you weekend warriors out there need to get your mind back on track.

Well, go check it out here. I bet you can’t put it down!

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