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[TimeKiller] Sushi Cat 2

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Monday, February 7th, 2011 -


Sushi Cat is back! Hunger always returns…

Sushi Cat 2 is here and Sushi Cat went and got her stuffed doll stolen by that bastard Sushi Dog. Theirs only one way out of this…EAT a SHIT TON of SUSHI, Plinko style!

The basics of the game is drop Sushi Cat down from any point at the top of the map and try in only a few turns to eat enough food to fill up Sushi Cat using only timing and gravity. This is not easy my friend. Especially as the game progresses and you have to contend with rotating dividers, flipper bonuses, and ever growing maps. But the rewards match the adversity! That’s right you get “Points” and “Bonus Points”! But only if you eat all the sushi. You’re not going to let good sushi go to waste are you?! Also, each level unlocks a new costume for Sushi Cat to wear if you eat the all three golden sushi pieces. It’s fun! It’s Cute! It’s healthy…right? I mean that’s what I heard about sushi. I mean I don’t eat it, but I could. It’s not like I don LIKE fish, I just don’t know if I like raw fish. Ok, if I roll by the sushi kiosk at Westfield’s AND I’m hungry, I’ll try it…

Oh, wait. Uh, just go play the game. Its really fun, and a super 15 minute break time waster! Check it out here!

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