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[Time Killer]: Totems

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Friday, February 4th, 2011 -


It’s the time for that 15-minute “Screw Work” break. Why not get in touch with your 1/16 cultural heritage and make some Totems?

Totems is a little browser flash game coming from Girlgaming.com, but just cuz it for girls doesn’t mean the guys cant get in on the time killing action.

Totems makes you match totem segments to a shadowed image of a corresponding totem piece. You have to juggle through the images and make a good guess as to which one fits that segment. Yeah, it sounds easy. And for the first 10 levels it really throws you some soft balls. Once the bank of totem pieces grows, though, the difficulty really picks up. This is around level 12 (FYI). The challenge doesn’t come from the pace of the game, which stays pretty much the same throughout, but really from the variety of totem pieces which in a shadowed form look almost identical to most other pieces. The only difference between the “Wolf” and “Raccoon” is which wide┬átheir┬átales are on. The music is what really drew me in. It’s only one looping song, but it’s really soothing and enjoyable. How enjoyable? I listened to it the entire time I wrote this article. Fur realz.

Anywhats, if you’re in the woods for some time killing action, it doesn’t get much more time killing than this! Play it here for heap big fun.

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