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Gratuitous Space Battles Update Released, Part of Steam’s Indie Flight Pack

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 -


Positech Games has rolled out a new update for its space strategy title Gratuitous Space Battles, available now for download. The patch brings major rewriting of several areas to reduce memory usage and rid the game of lots of small memory leaks. The file is available automatically via Steam and all other distributors including the developer itself.

Currently the game by itself is $10 instead of $20 on Steam, but buy the Indie Flight Pack for an amazingly low $5 and you’ll get GSB along with four other solid indie titles. Sale ends January 2.

Patch notes follow.

  • Major rewrite of tons of areas to reduce memory usage and squash lots of small memory leaks.
  • Tractor beam turrets are no longer drawn when a ship should appear cloaked.
  • Limpet launchers and Plasmas are now fired from the correct position when placed in multiple-hardpoint slots.
  • Fixed a few minor miscalculations that meant ship damage looked (purely visually) like it was being repaired faster than it actually was, especially when cloaked.
  • When you leave the ship design screen, any open module stat comparison windows are now closed.
  • Some playbalance tweaks
  • Imperial fighters with tiny engine glows (also a nomad fighter) now no longer get drawn when the parent ship is docked at a carrier.
  • Added post-battle stats summary popup dialog.
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