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Civilization V Announced!

Posted under News by Adam Bruno on Sunday, February 21st, 2010 -


I’ve been waiting for this moment for several years. As someone who started his empire-building way back with the first Civilization, I’ve actually been checking every couple of months or so for any news on the next game in the series.

Thus, it is with barely restrained glee that I announce to you all today that one of my prayers has been answered. And as soon as I score a hot date with Keira Knightley or develop the ability to teleport (I have a sneaking suspicion that one of these may in fact be related to the other…), I’ll let you know when another of my prayers has been checked off the list. Anyway, onto the good news!

Details are relatively scarce at this stage of the game, but Civ 4 offers players more of the same delicious history-making goodness that has made the series so famous. There will probably be new in-game buildings, units, and other dynamics, and if the screenshots are any indication, the world map is in for a bit of an overhaul.

The world map is now split into hexagons rather than squares, which will make for some interesting combat dynamics. In addition, armies appear to be a bit more expansive, but this could just be the presentation of the screenshots. The website does boast, however, that combat will be “more exciting and engaging than ever before” and that “wars between empires feel massive with armies spreading across the landscape.”

Diplomacy is apparently getting a nice little upgrade as well, with city-states and apparently item trading. Do they mean trade goods or actual items? It’d be interesting if historical relics played a part in this game. Who wouldn’t want to possess the Mona Lisa or the Spear of Alexander the Great? It’d certainly provide a morale boost, at the very least!

Multiplayer is also being worked on, with a convenient in-game community hub to connect players all over the world. This hub offers features above and beyond regular gameplay, including comparing high scores, sharing scenarios, and even visiting fan sites. Not a bad deal!

Finally, Firaxis is touting an entirely unprecedented (their word, not mine) level of mod-ability, with a wide variety of modding tools. Details on this are scarce as of press time, but I’m certainly looking forward to it. Keep it up, Sid Meier!

Source: Civilization V Website

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