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Nation Red Update Released

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Sunday, January 31st, 2010 -


DiezelPower has released another update for its arena-based zombie shooter Nation Red, now available for download. The patch appears to be supplemental to the local co-op update that arrived earlier this month, bringing fixes for issues that have appeared since and more.

Other additions include French localization, an adjustment to the Snare perk, and the addition of the Steam Hammer as an unlockable weapon. Tweaks for firing weapons as well, it’s all below in the change log:

Nation Red

  • French version available
  • Local coop issues fixed
  • Snare Perk adjusted: easier to see which powerup you’re ‘snaring’. Now requires Powerup Hook. Weapons are not snared
  • Steam Hammer is in unlockable weapons
  • Firepower of various weapons increased
  • Auto-Fire speed (for controllers) increased
  • Higher XP for Machinegun Boss kill
  • Zombie Bombers won’t see the player when cloaked and won’t detonate
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