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“No FFVII Remake EVER” Upgraded to “Not Right Now”

Posted under News by Adam Bruno on Sunday, January 24th, 2010 -


Well, there’s a silver lining to this Cloud (pun intended!). Square Enix has constantly said no to a FFVII remake, and while they haven’t exactly fully amended this announcement, truly literal people like me can take away a slight glimmer of hope in their latest statement.

In last week’s Famitsu, famed director Tetsuya Nomura shot down the idea of an FFVII remake yet again. “Fans are looking forward to an oft rumored remake of FFVII, but I don’t believe this will happen for the time being,” Nomura said (via Andriasang). Still, he teased, “It’s possible that he will appear in other titles as a guest character.”

Cloud’s guest-starred in various other games before, so the prospect of him continuing to pop up in future titles is intriguing. But what many fans really want is a goddamned remake! But take heart! At least Squenix has upgraded its response from “not going to happen” to “not believed to be going to happen for the time being.”

I wish I had better news. But honestly, who knows what’ll happen within the next 5 years or so? Square Enix has already remade every earlier Final Fantasy game. And in the meantime, maybe Cloud’ll show up in 0 Day Attack on Earth.

Hey, it could happen!

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