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Nation Red Update All About the New

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, December 14th, 2009 -


DiezelPower’s ten dollar Zombie Shooter Nation Red continues to receive solid post-launch support with another large update that brings all things new. The checklist of features and content brings a new gameplay mode, an auto perk feature, a one shot one kill power-up, new weapons, perks,¬†achievements¬†and more.

The title is available for purchase and download now on Steam. Full change log after the break.

New Gameplay Modes

  • Barricade Mode: Defend an army firebase from zombie attack. Use reloadable sentry guns to fight off waves of hostiles.
  • Auto Perk Mode: Compile a list of your favorite player perks and the game will automatically and intelligently upgrade you during gameplay without any need to pause the action.

New Weapons

  • M4A1 Carbine
  • 12 Gauge Super Shorty

New Achievements

  • All 4 Deadly, Grenadier
  • Boss Hunter
  • Weapons Expert
  • Demolitions Expert
  • Armory
  • Arms Dealer
  • Fortress

New Perks

  • Weapon Station: Upgrades the Sentry Gun to a FLW-200 Weapon Station
  • Apocalypse: Doubles Wrath of God
  • Propane Nightmare: Increases the effectiveness of Gas Cannister explosions with zombies outside lethal blast range catching fire
  • Proficiency: Reduces cooldown period of Hand of God (Wrath of God, Apocalypse), Saw Blades, Venom (Headlock, Payload) Aftershock, Fuse Bolt, and Seekers by 10%
  • Expertise: Doubles Proficiency to 20%
  • Mastery: Doubles Expertise for a total of 40%

New Powerup

  • Rage: One shot, one kill to all zombies excluding bosses.

Nation Red Japanese version now available.

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