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Nation Red Update Adds Steam Achievements, Exclusive Item

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 -


DiezelPower has released a new patch for it’s gritty arena-based zombie shooter Nation Red, now available on Steam. The update brings Steam Leaderboards and Achievements (23 in all) to the game, along with 13 new player perks.

The dev made some improvements to the game at the request of the Steam community and even threw in the Dual Glock, a steam exclusive weapon. Nation Red is available now for $10.

From the notes:

Nation Red

  • Nation Red now supports Steam Leaderboards and Achievements! Includes 8 Steam Leaderboards and 23 Achievements
  • Added 13 new Player Perks: Headlock, Payload, Mirror Image, FireTeam, Mano a Mano, Wrath of God, Trail Blazer, Less Clumsy, Midair trigger, Vengeance, Friendly Fire, Meat Grinder, Triage
  • Added a new Steam exclusive weapon Dual Glock
  • Added new ragdoll-style zombie reactions to explosions
  • Added various gameplay and interface improvements as requested by the Steam community
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