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Office Yeti Announced by N+ Dev

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Saturday, September 12th, 2009 -


N+ developer Metanet Software has announced a new action puzzle game currently in-development by the name of Office Yeti. Which I officially nominate for Game of the Universe based solely on the title and my imagination.

The dev hints at gameplay inspired by Rampage and Skool Daze, summing up the game as “A single-player action/puzzle/simulation game in which players assume control of a yeti who works in an office.” Nuts to misleading titles!

As it has just entered into full development, the game isn’t expected this year and has yet to be given a release date. No console announcements either, though N+–sequel to N for PC–was released for Nintendo DS, PSP and Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade.

Hopefully we’ll get some artwork, a screenshot, or something of the sort soon enough. I’d like to put a face to this hilariously titled game as soon as possible before my mind snaps over the painted image of an Abominable Snowman stuck in middle-management.

Source: Metanet

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  1. Joanna Duncan says:

    I second that nomination as my imagination tells me its going to be fabulous as well!

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