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Man Escapes from French Prison in a Goddamn Box

Posted under News by Christian Martin on Friday, September 11th, 2009 -


A suspected murderer of two pulled a Solid Snake and escaped a high security prison by hiding in a box. Wow.

Forty-five-year-old Jean-Pierre Treiber built the box in a prison workshop, hid inside of it, and was unwittingly loaded into a delivery truck. At some point in the truck’s long journey Treiber snuck out of the box and bailed from the vehicle. Police have since launched an extensive search for the convict.

Treiber was in the Auxerre, Burgundy high security prison, awaiting trial for the murders of Geraldine Giraud and Katia Lherbier. Geraldine was the daughter of French actor Roland Giraud. The bodies of Geraldine and Katia were found in a well on Treiber’s property. The cause of death for both was  strangulation.

Treiber was once a forest warden and is very familiar with the Othe woods which lie twenty miles north of Auxerre. It seems this drama is moving from one Metal Gear Solid title to the next: from Sons of Liberty to Snake Eater.

(Source: Telegraph)

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  1. Chris Benson says:

    You can get thrown into a French prison for merely being suspected of murder? Those rascally Frenchmen!

  2. Bijou says:

    Wow, how sad is that! I thought American prisons were bad.

    And, he was probably awaiting trial on the charges.

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