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New Features for Lord of the Rings Expansion

Posted under News by Adam Bruno on Sunday, September 6th, 2009 -


Remember when Lord of the Rings won MMO of the Year in 2008? Okay, I vaguely do, but Turbine has announced an expansion, which only ramps up the awesomeness value. While it seems the expansion isn’t free like initially thought, Siege of Mirkwood looks like it’s going to deliver quite nicely. Let’s go over some of the new features, shall we?

Increased level cap to 65. That’s not too surprising. Lots of expansions up the level cap.

Skirmishes. Creating and leading your own soldiers into battle in an MMO? That could be totally awesome!

Crafting your own Legendary Items. Let me explain a bit; these items will grow with you and can be customized quite nicely. It’s a feature that, if done right, can lead to an exciting sense of accomplishment.

Turbine’s also planning on improving their old mechanics, which is definitely a good thing. Word’s not yet in whether or not these improvements will be available without the expansion. All in all, it’s pretty exciting. It might be enough to make me buy upĀ  a subscription and write a review!


Source: Lord of the Rings Online Website

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