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[Time Killer] Gobtron: So Fun, You’ll Forget It’s Gross!

Posted under Time Killer by Kenneth Ellis on Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 -


Being the man of refined breeding and delicate nature that I am , I oft try my hand at playing a more gentile manner of game. One that engages the mind as well as the senses. Then, when that 15 minutes is over, I go play something fun. One such game is Gobtron. Or as I call it, Inner-Child Happy Fun Time.

Yes! Do you like to rampage through history, destroying civilizations and families, with about as much moral conscience as a bored Galactus? Well, here is your chance, my good fellow!

But what implement of destruction to use?

Swords? Lame.

Guns? Yawn.

No. This kind of devastation calls for full use of snot. Good thing you’ve been practicing your aim for years now, right? Am I right guys? High Fives All Around!

Gobtron is a tower defense type of game where you take the role of the one and only Gobtron.  A beast born before time and hungering for eternity, he takes revenge on a humanity that did him no wrong. Seeking food and DNA for self-evolution, he moves through historical eras of world history snatching up whatever warriors of the day he can with his elastic snot. Eat, evolve, kill some helpful birds, and above all, have fun!

For a first-release game by the newly formed  game studio Juicy Beast, I found Gobtron to be very well made. Yes, it’s a flash game, but it’s pretty seamless. The directions on how to play are shown via a small video on the title screen, the game-play is seamless, and the in-game humor is reminiscent (at least to me) of Earthworm Jim. The actual game is straight forward enough: Buy upgrades, move through history, kill whats not you, but what makes this game stand out is its hilarious execution. I would play it just to laugh at it. Your only weapon is snot from Gobtron’s nose. You can snatch up guys with mucus from one nostril, or blow them up with booger bombs from the other. Why is this funny you ask? It just is. I think it has something to do with the vacant, absent look on Gobtron’s face. He appears to have no idea whats going on, but he is enjoying the hell out it. Which is exactly how you feel when playing.

And anyway how can you not like a game made by people who made their company logo THIS cute? :3


Gobtron also has a really nice auto-save feature, so you can come back to wreak havoc over and over again whenever you want. And with the kind of content this game offers, only the cool people you know will hang around to watch you play!

If you want to try your hand at the glob-swinging fun try it out here!

(Source: Newgrounds.com)

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  1. Mediummedina says:

    This game is pretty amazing, I noticed a difficulty curve that actually works well. The game is not so easy as to finish it in one shot, while it is not so hard as to be impossible.

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