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The Vengeful Dead: Nation Red Released

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 -


Look, zombies have always been scary to those still among the living, zombie mobs? Even more terrifying. But when the living dead band together through a union of anger and disdain, seeking vengeance over a previous zombie genocide, and they start picking up weapons to boot, the situation becomes far, far worse for the living.

In that vein, developer DiezelPower has released their arena based zombie shooter, Nation Red, now available for purchase and download.The dev has referred to the game as a crossing between Left 4 Dead and Burn Zombie Burn, as it offers fast, close quarter combat in three modes: survival, freeplay and blood drive.

Taking place in Arizona, 30 years after a zombie purging in the MidWest, Nation Red has you defending yourself from a type of evolved offspring of the original incidents. The last line of the title’s synopsis “They’re back. In their thousands. And now they are hunting us.” shows not only do the zombies have good memories, but they have the ability to want revenge.

There’s just no other explanation for a zombie coming at you with a sledge hammer…or an AK-47 for that matter, that dead guy hates you.

The game is currently on sale for $15 on the game’s official site with a demo is currently being hosted on GamersHell.

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