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Bounce Back: Rubber Ninjas Demo Released

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 -


Feeling agile and/or stealthy? Are insults bouncing off of you and sticking to others like some sort of gooey adhesive Sir Elmer invests in? You’re probably a Rubber Ninja; and as such, in the mood to play a game that represents you by precise name.

Matteo Guarnieri has released both the full version and a playable demo for his 3D ragdoll fighting game Rubber Ninjas, now available for download.

The title brings ragdolls of all shapes and sizes into fights both unarmed and with a variety of weaponry, offering up both single and two-player action. ¬†Built on a custom physics engine and thanks to Matteo’s development of title Ragdoll Masters, players will “never fight the same match twice and all moves will be different and spectacular.”

The game runs $19.95 and can be purchased/downloaded here.

The full version offers over 50+ levels spread out over several campaigns. From the description of the title the game stands to offer some future DLC as well as standard updates and even includes a campaign creator/editor along with character and weapon creation tools.

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