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Edge of Twilight Won’t Change Title in Spite of Douchebaggery

Posted under News by Chris Benson on Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 -

The Langdevil

Fuzzyeyes Studio was recently threatened with legal action by colossal asshat, Tim Langdell of Edge Games, because he wasn’t pleased with a certain word being present in the title of their upcoming game, Edge of Twilight.

See, Mr. Langdell hasn’t actually made a game for decades, but he delights in antagonizing and threatening honest developers who use any form of “Edge” in the titles of their games. Even though Edge of Twilight has been in development since 2007, that didn’t stop ol’ Tim from rushing to trademark the phrase “Edge of Twilight” this year, presumably so he could throw a cease-and-desist their way.

Earlier today, Fuzzyeyes Studio CEO Wei-Yao Lu let us know that they were going ahead with the original title. Said Lu:

Through amicable negotiations, Fuzzyeyes and Edge Games have arrived at a satisfactory arrangement that addresses the concerns of both parties. This arrangement allows the highly anticipated Edge of Twilight to proceed with its title unchanged, and without infringement on any trademarks held by Edge Games.

I just hope “amicable negotiations” is code for “45 minutes of punching Tim Langdell in the balls.”

For more on the ongoing saga of Tim Langdell’s Edge-capades, check out the dedicated TIGSource page.

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