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Cars vs Zombies: Clutch Released On Steam

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Monday, July 20th, 2009 -


There’s been quite a few zombie game releases over the past decade, with many exploring the dimensions of good conflict:

  • Zombie vs Man (Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, etc.)
  • Zombie vs Nature (Plants vs Zombies)
  • Zombie vs Supernatural (Alien vs Zombie)
  • Zombie vs Himself (Stubbs the Zombie–who was essentially an undead Willy Loman)

Leaving only a void in Zombie vs Machine, fortunately there is now such a game that plays the part with the release of the sandbox racing/survival horror title Clutch.

Developed by Targem Games, Clutch puts players in a series of gadget enhanced vehicles to deal with a city overrun with the undead. The title brings eight different game modes including racing and rescue, with plenty of vehicles and upgrades to choose from.

From the description:

Clutch is a fast-paced arcade racing game which will challenge the resilience of anyone’s nerves. You play as a person who has survived a catastrophe of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), while everyone else in the city has been transformed into a bloodthirsty zombie. You return to the abandoned city, looking for a way to change the zombies back into humans. The only way to survive is to move on fast armored vehicles. The player will complete different missions: racing, rescue and more to finally learn the truth.

The game is available now for purchase on Steam.

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  1. Mediummedina says:

    Man to be honest I was hoping that Man vs. Machine would turn into a steampunk game -_- oh well.

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