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Impulse Big Weekend Sale Starts Early

Posted under News by Erik Johnson on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 -


I don’t know what it is, but people are crazy about slashing prices on the weekend of our Independence Day. Is it just a swell of patriotism that drives retailers and merchants alike into the insanity of reducing the prices of their own precious goods? Perhaps it’s the heat of summer reaching its boiling point, or maybe even some sort of exotic (and possibly erotic) fever.

Whatever the infliction is, digital games distributor/hub Impulse has it; and they caught it early.

Now through the glorious fireworks, hot dogs and ‘way too many fat guys with their shirts off’ laden weekend, PC gamers can pick up several solid titles and bundles including Call of Duty 4, Flock!, Sins of a Solar Empire and more for varying discounts.

Additionally, all Epic games (a handful of Unreal titles) listed on the client have been given a 25% markdown, and even the Street Fighter IV pre-purchase gets in on the action with a slight discount.

Impulse knows better than anybody that when that pesky sun starts piercing through your pasty ‘indoors only’ skin this weekend, they’ll be no better place for you to run than back into your bunker to spend some quality time with the mouse and keyboard.

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