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Nintendo Beats Lawsuit

Posted under News by Adam Bruno on Monday, June 15th, 2009 -


How many people have sued Nintendo? A lot, apparently. But they just won one of the lawsuits against them: a patent infringement claim by Guardian Media Technologies LTD.

U.S. District Court Judge Manuel Real in Los Angeles ruled that Nintendo did not infringe Guardian Media’s patent. This verdict occurred less than six months after the lawsuit by Guardian Media Technologies Ltd. was filed.

It’s not just Nintendo that Guardian Medias is suing, though; apparently, they’re targeting multiple retailed and developers over what they feel is an infringement over their parental-control technologies.

While Nintendo may have won this lawsuit, Guardian Media’s not done yet. It remains to be seen whether or not they’ll win any of their lawsuits.

As for Nintendo, its senior vice president of legal and general counsel, Rick Flamm, had this to say: “At the earliest stages of this case, Nintendo convinced the court to dismiss this case as Guardian’s patent had nothing to do with Nintendo’s products.”

Source: StarTribune, Yahoo! Tech News

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