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PediSedate: The Creepiest Game Peripheral Ever

Posted under News by Chris Benson on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 -


This completely innocuous-looking device discretely pumps unwitting children full of nitrous oxide while they play gameboy games, or listen to a cd player. According to the PediSedate word triangle, the device’s purpose is equal parts Distraction, Comfort, and Sedation. That makes me feel better. Goddamn, word triangles are reassuring. You could put a picture of a leper in the exact same word triangle, and I’d probably adopt a dozen from Leper Island, or wherever they’re quarantined these days.

Wait. Lepers are real, right? I might be getting them confused with leprechauns again.

On a serious note, never take a leper’s pot of gold.

Dr Phil McPeddo, Fake DentistThe device transparently monitors respiratory function and distributes an increasingly-large dose of giggle gas to a child until they’re completely unconscious. While intended for dentists, PediSedate’s more practical applications are as a kidnapping aid for fake “dentists” like this guy. Man, the pics on the official site are unnerving as fuck. Could any part of this product be more creepy? The name? The barebones, circa-90′s website? This sweaty bastard?

really-dumb-girlThis girl seems totally cool with the PediSedate though, so maybe it’s not all bad. She’s used it about 350 times now and so far its only discernible side effect is fun! And incredible mental retardation.

For more Game Boy oddities to celebrate the system’s 20 years of service, check out the link below.


(Source: Technologizer)

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  1. Adam Bruno says:

    That’s fucking awesome. I am detecting large quantities of win in this post.

  2. reaper_tbs says:

    i’m definitely stocking up on these. they’ll be useful when i’m a school janitor

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