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Check This Out: Singularity

Posted under News by Staff on Saturday, February 21st, 2009 -


Clicking around GameTrailers.com I happened upon the trailer for an awesome looking game that no one seems to have heard about. Alternate realities, check; Soviets, check; sweet time-warping wrist gadgets, check. What’s not to love?

Singularity seems to be set in an alternate future, and I imagine the premise goes a little something like:

“In a world where all R’s have turned backwards, one man – on a mission – must make them right again… by shooting all the communists! Oh, and aliens. And giant monsters!”

The gadget on your wrist gives you the ability to make specific objects travel backwards in time.  Broken bridges can be restored and previously exploded barrels can be blown up again.

Looking a little closer, I was surprised to find out that Singularity is being developed by FPS-veterans Raven Software (Soldier of Fortune, Jedi Knight II, Quake 4).  With their track record in the genre, it’s difficult not to be excited about this game. Also, did I mention it looks great?

If Singularity is your kind of thing, Raven has a second, less exciting trailer at the game’s official site.

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