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Mass Effect 2 Teaser Trailer

Posted under News by Christian Martin on Friday, February 20th, 2009 -


O… M… G! A teaser trailer for the inevitable sequel to BioWare’s (disappointing!) epic sci-fi RPG Mass Effect has finally been released. It is very short but the end will leave you thinking. Check out the video after the jump.

Ooh. So Shepard’s dead. That may mean you’ll be playing a different character this time around. A different Spectre? Maybe the second human Spectre? I don’t know but that just sounds kind of dull to me. It would be pretty sweet to play an alien. Maybe the character won’t even be a Spectre this time around. Or you could play cyborg Shepard! Maybe not. I just hope this isn’t some kind of lame stunt and it ends up being that Shepard faked his death or something. They have a chance to do something really interesting with this and it would be a huge disappointment if they drop the ball. *cough* Like they did with the first game! *cough*

The Mass Effect 2 hype train seems to be rushing steadily closer as there will also be a panel at GDC next month titled “The Iterative Level Design Process of BioWare’s Mass Effect 2″. Depending on what is revealed there I may actually get excited about the game’s purported early 2010 release.

(Source: Chris Pereira, 1up.com)

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  1. Joanna Duncan says:

    Disappointing?!? Are you mad? You are only talking about my top favourite game of all time ever ever! Yes, it had flaws. But it was genius. The scope was incredible and the story just carried you along, I mean you got to be a space captain/special agent in a political melodrama, with action….what more could you possibly want?!?. I stayed up before work until 5am just cause I had to finish it; the fate of the whole galaxy was in my hands! Its amazing and Seth Green is in it. And things and stuff. So there.

  2. Andrew Croft says:

    I have to agree with Joey here. I was impressed more than anything else. I went in expecting just another dopey space opera, but I got way more than that. The scope of the story, the music direction, and how fleshed out the world was really got me to sit up and pay attention. I mean shit, I spent hours just reading the codexes (codices?) on the pause menu. It dealt with so many complex topics: racism, genocide, and the political reaction and subterfuge concerning both. Bear in mind, politics bore the shit out of me, so the fact that I stuck with it and even moreso – enjoyed it, is remarkable. Mass Effect was probably one of my favorite titles of 2007-8, next to Bioshock of course.

    I could have done without Seth Green, but you know, each game has it’s flaws.

  3. Christian Martin says:

    Let me start by saying that I’m a huge RPG fan. It’s probably my favorite game genre and science fiction is by far my favorite genre of story telling. I usually consume a new sci-fi novel a month. Also I love BioWare. KOTOR is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. Now, with all those things combined I was extremely excited about Mass Effect when I first heard about it. I even bought the first book which also turned out to be a disappointment.
    Don’t get me wrong, the main story line for Mass Effect was great. The cut scenes were really good and the secondary characters that join up with you were fairly deep and interesting.
    But everything else pulled the game down. The minimalist music was dull. It did absolutely nothing to engage me further emotionally in the story which is exactly what music is for in games and films.
    The combat system wasn’t the tactical experience that they first promised. The combat in the game play trailers was much more strategic and complex than the lame half-assed third person shooter system they delivered.
    Also, the explorable planets and side quests were cookie-cutter garbage. Everything was the same and there was nothing to really make the exploration exciting or interesting.
    Whew. Okay, I’m done.

  4. Chris Burke says:

    Well, now there’s a second one to make it all right! And thank god it’s coming out on the PS3 so I can actually play it. Now if I could just get Namco-Bandai to get their act together.

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