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Killballs and a Grid Come to Halo 3

Posted under News by Christian Martin on Friday, February 6th, 2009 -


Bungie has released more info on what Forge goodies we’ll find in the new Mythic Map Pack. They talked about Killballs and a Blue Grid, two simple but awesome things that will almost definitely have an effect on the maps you create using Sandbox.

First off, Killballs are exactly what they sound (and look) like; big, sun-like spheres that kill anything that ventures inside of them. Simple, huh? Oh, but just think of the possibilities.

You could float one in the middle of the map and have a series of Mancannons pointing straight at it. Anyone foolish or unfortunate enough to run, jump, fall, or be pushed into one of the Mancannons would be sent flying through the sky and into the Killball. That’s only one possibility. I’ve already thought up about half of a dozen other ways to use them for nefarious purposes but I won’t bore you by listing them. Plus I don’t want anyone stealing my creative gold.

Unfortunately, it seems that Killballs will only be available on the map Sandbox and you’ll only be able to spawn two of them at a time.

Now to the Blue Grid. It is…well…a blue grid that appears overlaid on Sandbox in Forge. Yeah, not as flashy as a glowing death ball but its addition is awesome in its own way. If you’re a faithful forger you know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to line things up or trying to get that new map you’re working on perfectly symmetrical. Now the grid is there to help you. Still don’t care? Jerk… I’m excited about it.

(Source: Urk, bungie.net)

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