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Idiot Mom Says Game Has Hidden Islamic Message

Posted under News by Chris Benson on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 -

Baby Pals

The DS game Baby Pals uses a generic baby gurgle sound effect, apparently from a sound library, which sounds a bit like “Islam is the light,” but only when you’re told what to listen for. An ignorant, xenophobic mother and a fearmongering news station teamed up to bring you the following video:

It’s obviously complete bullshit.

But, let’s say it wasn’t. What if Nintendo or THQ or Crave put an Islamic message in the game Baby Pals? Why is that even newsworthy? There are Christian messages in plenty of games, and it never makes prime time TV.

Jesus Christ, someone mentioned a religion that isn’t Christianity to a child somewhere in the United States! Quickly, kill someone with a tan!

(Source: plank, via NeoGAF)

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  1. Kenneth Ellis says:

    The REAL news is that someone actually bought a THQ game. Incredible.

  2. browntaku says:

    wow what a red neck churchy bitch to me it sounded gagaga your bitch and whats so bad about islam is the light this country was founded on the principle of freedom of religion!!!!!! let your baby’s brain develop her brain unlike yours yeeehaaaaa

  3. Meredith Sweet says:

    Geez, why are people getting so worked up over it? Parents should use the supposed baby-gurgling sounding like “Islam is the Light” to teach their kids about freedom of religion, tolerance, and acceptance of all people, regardless of their belief.

    We’re not at war with the religion of Islam, after all, and not all Islamists are extremists who are out to kill us. I don’t know why that fact is so hard for others to grasp.

  4. Adam Bruno says:

    Oh, noez! JIHAAAAD!

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