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Castle Crashers DLC Arrives Tomorrow

Posted under News by Chris Benson on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 -

Castle Crashers King DLC

The Behemoth just announced two new DLC packs for Castle Crashers that will be hitting Xbox Live January 14th. Included are three weapons, two characters, and an animal orb in a pear tree.

The cowardly king and the gray knight will now be playable characters. Some of you may have noticed that the gray knight is already playable in the game, but this new version of the monochromatic character has his helmet open! My dreams have come true!

While I think the first Castle Crashers DLC packs should be free, to help repair The Behemoth’s damaged reputation following months of reports of game-breaking bugs, I know ol’ Microsoft has the final say on XBLA prices, and they’re not too keen on giving things away for nothing.

At least the King’s healing magic sounds like an interesting addition to the gameplay. I’m curious to know how it will work in a multiplayer arena battle.

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