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Edmund McMillen Toys with My Emotions

Posted under News by Chris Benson on Sunday, January 11th, 2009 -

Edmund McMillen

Edmund McMillen, Gish creator/indie superstar, just gave me a couple quick updates on what he’s working on, as well as another maddening hint about his games on Xbox 360.

First off, Gish 2 is back in production! No Quarter, as cool as it looks, doesn’t have me as excited as a new, particle-based Gish game. Loco Roco ain’t got nothing on this.

As for the XBLA deadline he was working on as of our last conversation, Edmund had this to say:

EM: The XBLA thing went well.

But, I cant say anything because of the NDA.

GD: Damnit!

EM: I can tell you this:  We are currently working on Gish 2 as well as No Quarter for a release later this year on PC. If either or both make it to console…

That would be cool.

GD: I hate you, Edmund McMillen.

EM: I’ll start posting new Gish 2 dev info on my blog in April, but until then we are going to try to finish No Quarter by late March early April.

Oh well, still some exciting news!

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