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EGM Shuts Down, UGO Buys 1up

Posted under News by Staff on Thursday, January 8th, 2009 -


Venerable videogaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly has been shut down after nearly twenty years of production,  and EGM’s online counterpart 1up.com has been absorbed by UGO, who have inexplicably continued to exist without anyone noticing for years, no doubt lying in wait for the proper moment to acquire a failing publication and fire a bunch of people.

From the looks of things, UGO appear to be keeping Dan Hsu, media darling that he is, along with some of the higher level management, but are getting rid of just about the entire EGM writing staff, including veterans James Mielke, Shane Bettenhausen and Giancarlo Varanini.  Come on, Ziff, one more issue and the mag would have been twenty years in production. You couldn’t have given them that? Bad form. It’s a fact that internet publications are vastly superior when it comes to keeping people informed, but it’s still kind of sad to see something you’ve grown up with disappear so quickly. I’m sure the vets will find new jobs, and good luck to them.

The real question to be answered is this: what will become of Seanbaby? How will I know whether I should pick up Bratz Babyz Rock Fashion Party or not? Seanbaby, don’t go into the light, we still need you.

(Sources: 1up, Joystiq)(Pic: G4)

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