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u wnat gold? pl half price? (Gold Sellers Ahoy!)

Posted under News by Adam Bruno on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 -

It's past the new year, and I'm STILL getting these.

It’s past the new year, and I’m STILL getting these.

So many MMO’s these days are swarmed with gold sellers. For example, I play Warhammer Online, developed by acclaimed Mythic Entertainment. Mythic is known for its stance on gold-selling, made public by co-founder Mark Jacobs in his post found here.

Now, unlike Mr. Jacobs, I don’t mind if somebody stockpiles in-game money themselves and tries to sell it for real money. I’m honestly a bit more iffy on people having others play their characters for them; they’re kind of missing the point of the game, then. But let’s get to that later.

What bothers me is that, aside from being so industrialized (it’s led to mass exploitation in third world countries), there’s such a blatant invasion of privacy. If I want to buy in-game money or have somebody level up my character for me (and believe me, I don’t), I’ll go look online for places to buy it. I don’t need to see advertisements constantly in my games. Mythic’s made great strides toward stopping gold-sellers from spamming us. However, banned from sending tells, they’re now flooding in-game inboxes with mails advertising cheap gold and powerleveling.

For me, the constant advertising kind of dampens the enjoyment of the game, something that IGE claims that they “do not interfere with”. Whatever. I think it’s bullshit, but my question is this: What’s their success rate? How many of us have seen an advertisement (through any in-game venue) for gold or powerleveling and said to themselves, “Man, I’ve gotta have me some of that.”

So, if you’ve ever bought any in-game gold or powerleveling as a DIRECT RESULT OF AN IN-GAME ADVERTISEMENT (as in, you didn’t look up the site yourself), please send me an email at adam@gamingdead.com. I doubt we’ll get many responses simply because nobody actually buys gold or PLing based on in-game advertisements, but let’s see what happens!

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