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Core Gamers to Save Video Game Industry

Posted under News by Staff on Friday, January 2nd, 2009 -

You died a hero, Mr. Oink.

Top finacial analysts predict that the game industry will come out of the global economic crisis unscathed. Why? Because of dedicated core gamers like you and me! They say gamers like us will continue to buy games as long as we can hold down a job, and they’re right. I would be willing to live for a week or two on Ramen noodles to get my gaming fix!

(Source: gamesindustry.biz)

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  1. browntaku says:

    preach on sister but i prefer udon noodles!!!!!!

  2. Adam Bruno says:

    Browntaku is correct. Udon > Ramen.

    Ramen’s still good, though.

  3. Joanna Duncan says:

    My only experience with Udon noodles was in Cooking Mama! haha!

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